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About Latifa Helali and Snobysm

People often thought I was snobbish as a first impression, but I’ve always felt that I am like everyone – snobbish sometimes.Every woman is Snobish in her own way if she loves herself. It’s a lifestyle, her free spirit, an attitude that makes her who she is.
I've always felt creative, and fashion allows me to shape, imagine, inspire and get inspired! My love for fashion happened quite early in my life. My mother used to be a designer and when I was a teenager even tho I’ve struggled to decide what to do, I’ve always felt that vogue and fashion has always been surrounding me. But the real guide towards the decision was my father. I studied first in Lyon, and then in Paris. There, the "déclic" happened, and I fell in love with fabrics and their unlimited possibilities to create a dress, a garment.

"Dream it, believe it, achieve it"

SNOBYSM is a high quality brand for women who want to feel amazingly chic and like to express it every day! Is the perfect combination of boho-chic and modern feminism. Latifa’s collections are inspired by a lot of factors that surrounds her. A piece of art, a woman who passes by, a piece of fabric, traveling somewhere… like, anything can be beautiful with a touch of sensibility.
Shaking it all together into a bohemian stylish every day, every night look. Combining sexy, elegant, street casual, vintage, modern. Silhouettes and materials that give any woman character, style and an exclusive sensation. Small unique collections launched all year to be worn at all times. Wearing one dress for various moods and occasions. For an active city life, seaside escape and a flashy night out. Breaking out of the norms, removing the codes.
No fear of being something. Just be.
She doesn’t follow trends, but her instinct and that
“Je ne sais quoi”