Latifa Halali

My love for fashion happened a little bit late in my life, even if my mother used to be designer and when I was a teenager I was struggling deciding what to do.

The real guide towards the decision was actually my father. I studied first in Lyon, the city where I was born, and then in Paris. There, the "déclic" happened, and I fell in love with fabrics and their unlimited possibilities to create a dress, a garment.

I've always felt creative, and fashion allows me to shape, imagine, inspire and get inspired!




SNOBYSM is the perfect combination of boho-chic and modern feminism.

My collections are inspired by a lot of factors that are around me. A piece of art, a woman who passes me by, a fabric, a trip somewhere..

I don't follow trends, I follow my instinct and I always follow that "Je ne sais quoi".


Latifa Helali